Organic Essential Oils 10ml

Unlike non-organic oils, organic essential oils (also known as BIO essential oils) are derived from plants grown without the use of synthetic pesticides, herbicides, or GMOs.

This ensures a purer and safer product, free from harmful residues that could compromise its therapeutic qualities.

By supporting sustainable agriculture and environmentally-friendly practices, our organic essential oils not only promote personal well-being but also contribute to the preservation of ecosystems and biodiversity. Additionally, our organic oils are sourced from plants grown in their native regions, maximizing their potency and authenticity, making them a preferred choice for those seeking the true benefits of nature's essence.

Essential Warnings before using Essential Oils :
- Always consult a qualified healthcare professional before using essential oils, especially during pregnancy, for children, or if of you do have pre-existing medical conditions.
- Always dilute essential oils with water before any use in our diffusers : 3/4 drops are enough.
- Always perform a patch test before applying essential oils to a larger area of skin to check for allergic reactions or sensitivities. When applied to the skin, we strongly recommend to dilute essential oils with organic bodycare oils (Jojoba, Sweet Almond..).
- Avoid Ingestion: We strongly recommend to never ingest essential oils without proper guidance from a certified aromatherapist or healthcare professional.
- Keep Away from Eyes and Children. Supervise children and pets around the diffuser to prevent accidental contact. Make sure your pet can escape the smell and retreat to an area with fresh air if needed.