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Bali Ultrasonic Atomiser & Bluetooth Speaker - 7 colors

Bali Ultrasonic Atomiser & Bluetooth Speaker - 7 colors

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Immerse yourself in the symphony of sensations, where fragrance, sound, and color unite in a harmonious symphony : our Bali Diffuser not only offers a flameless and smoke-free way to fragrance your space but also boasts the added perks of being a powerful Bluetooth speaker and a mesmerizing 7-color changer.

With seamless integration, the Aroma Diffuser transforms into a high-quality Bluetooth speaker, allowing you to stream your favorite tunes wirelessly, creating a harmonious fusion of sensational aromas and melodious sounds, elevating your sensory experience to new heights.

Embrace the enchanting ambiance with its 7-color change possibilities, illuminating your surroundings in captivating hues that can be tailored to your mood or setting. 

Warnings :

- To be used with essential oils mixed IN WATER only : 3/4 drops of essential oil are enough. Never operate the diffuser without water in the tank.

- If you are pregnant, nursing, or have any medical condition, always consult a healthcare professional before using essential oils.

- Keep out of reach of children and pets. Supervise children and pets around the diffuser to prevent accidental contact. Make sure your pet can escape the smell and retreat to an area with fresh air if needed.

- Only use clean, room-temperature water. Do not overfill the water tank.

- Only use pure, high-quality essential oils. Loom Aroma essential oils are 100% pure. 

- Ventilation : use the diffuser in a well-ventilated area.

- Regularly clean the diffuser as per manufacturer's instructions.

- Unplug the diffuser when not in use or during cleaning.

Tank capacity: 300 ml

LED light - 7 variants

Timer 2,4,8,16h

Auto power off when water runs out

Powered by USB (length of the cord 100 cm)

Dimensions: height 15 cm, diameter 15,5cm

Weight : 350g


Pictures : © LOOM AROMA

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