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CLARITY - Aromatherapy Soy Wax Candle : Rosemary

CLARITY - Aromatherapy Soy Wax Candle : Rosemary

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Our hand-poured aromatherapy soy wax candle are meticulously designed to burn 40 hours, ensuring long-lasting moments of blissful relaxation with soul-soothing essential oils fragrances.

Fragrance : Rosemary

Properties : Clarifying, rejuvenating, stimulates the mind & encourages mental clarity

100% Soy wax : Traditional wax candles often contain paraffin, which can release toxic chemicals and soot, contributing to indoor air pollution and several potential health risks. Our soy wax candles offer eco-friendliness, cleaner burning with reduced soot, and a longer-lasting candle experience making it a sustainable and healthier candle option.

At the heart of this scented gem lies the invigorating essence of Rosemary.

Known for its rejuvenating and clarifying properties, Rosemary stimulates the mind and encourages mental sharpness, making it the perfect companion for moments when you seek focus and mental clarity. Let its soothing and herbaceous notes clear away mental fog, allowing your thoughts to flow with newfound clarity and purpose.

Light this candle during study sessions, work tasks, or whenever you need to gain perspective and regain a sense of balance. Embrace the uplifting fragrance and the gentle flicker of the flame as they work in harmony to sharpen your mind and inspire profound insights.

Whether you're facing challenging tasks, seeking inspiration, or simply yearning for a moment of tranquility, our Rosemary candle is the perfect companion to bring clarity and purpose into your life.

Embrace the power of aromatherapy and treat yourself or your loved ones to this wonderful candle, a perfect gift that embodies the art of relaxation and self-care. 

Your path to ultimate relaxation awaits.

Ingredients : Soywax, glass, essential oils

Pictures : © LOOM AROMA

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