Nourish your skin naturally and say goodbye to harsh chemicals

Nourish your skin naturally and say goodbye to harsh chemicals

Unleash your skin’s potential, naturally. 🌿 ✨

Understanding Sulfates and Parabens:

- Sulfates and parabens, commonly found in beauty products, can damage your skin’s health.

- While they serve as preservatives and cleansing agents, they strip away natural oils, leaving your skin vulnerable to dryness and irritation.

Harmful Effects:

- Exposure to sulfates and parabens doesn’t just stop at surface-level irritation.

- These chemicals have been associated with a range of adverse effects, from allergic reactions to disruptions in hormonal balance.

Our ingredients : spotlight ✨

- Sunflower Seed Oil: Packed with antioxidants and fatty acids, hydrates and softens the skin.

- Apricot Kernel Oil: Rich in essential fatty acids and vitamins A & E, moisturizes and nourishes for a healthy glow.

- Cetearyl Alcohol: Derived from natural sources like coconut oil, acts as an emollient, softening and smoothing the skin.

More reasons to love our body lotions? 🤍

- All of them are vegan, made in the UK, and crafted from sustainable materials.

- They also aim to elevate your senses with our range of 6 amazing scents, carefully curated to enhance your skincare experience : mango, almond, raspberry...Experience a nourishing and scented escape with every application.

Do you use clean products for your bodycare routine?

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