5 tips to soothe anxiety and find calm in the chaos

5 tips to soothe anxiety and find calm in the chaos

Feeling stressed and anxious? Take 5 minutes to focus on deep breathing and reconnect to your senses. Discover our top favorite tips to soothe anxiety and find peace in the chaos:


1. Mindfulness meditation 🧘🏻‍♀️:

-Centered on the breath and the present moment without judgment.

-5 minutes sessions can already help to reduce stress, improve focus and support emotional balance. We know your days can be super busy but those 5 minutes can be a huge support on your overall well-being!

-Aromatherapy can complement this practice with calming scents like lavender for a serene atmosphere.

2. Regular Exercise 🏃🏻‍♀️

-Regular exercise is a powerful anxiety-reducing tool, releasing endorphins and regulating stress hormones for improved mental well-being.

-Peppermint or eucalyptus essential oils are amazing to boost energy, focus and motivation before a workout session!


3. Connecting with others 👥

-Connecting with others alleviates anxiety by offering emotional support, fostering a sense of belonging, and releasing oxytocin for stress reduction.

-Social interactions provide distraction, shared coping mechanisms, and encouragement, creating a supportive safety net that aids in managing anxiety-inducing situations.

4. Aromatherapy on the go 🌿

-Aromatherapy roll-ons soothe anxiety through the inhalation of calming essential oils, with scents like lavender or bergamot.

-The application is discrete and inhalation of those scents stimulate the olfactory senses, making the brain release calming neurotransmitters, boosting a sense of relaxation wherever you are.

5. Quality Sleep 🌙

-Quality sleep eases anxiety by regulating stress hormones, promoting emotional balance.

-Aromatherapy supports peaceful sleep by calming the mind and body with scents like lavender or chamomile, reducing anxiety.

-Regular use helps condition the mind to associate specific aromas with relaxation, establishing a bedtime ritual for a restful sleep.

How do you cope with anxiety on a daily basis ?

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